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Hank Willis Thomas: History Doesn’t Laugh (2014, South Africa)

Conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas uses photography to explore issues of identity, history, race, and class. For this series,  photo-derived sculptures have been cast in aluminum, silicone and bronze to reframe the original historical image by focusing on the impact of hand gestures. 

read an interview with the artist via okayafrica

1-2. Raise Up

3. Victory is Certain

4. History Doesn’t Laugh

5. Die Dompas Moet Brand ! (The Passbook must Burn!)

6. Peace and  Freedom

7. An injury to one is and an injury to all, 

8 - 9. A Luta Continua



Grammar Teacup And Saucer Set

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While it isn’t too shocking that gambling has been banned in China, it is shocking that one of the casualties of that ban was the traditional Chinese game of Mahjong since people often gambled on the outcome. The game was banned from 1949 to 1985! Now it is very popular in China…